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Acid Gator Recommendations

Just a little info for you regarding ACID GATOR. Responding to an incident involving the local EPA, I recently installed an Acid Spill Kit into a local Electro-plating business. They regularly have 500 L containers of HCI and H²SO¹ delivered. They then move this volume into smaller drums on the premises – which can easily result in spillages into stormwater. The reason I write is that the acid they work with is 96-98% concentration and when I delivered the kit they asked me to demonstrate it’s use. I boldly threw the Acid Gator onto the concentrated acid and (somewhat to my amazement) it worked beautifully – no significant heat, spattering, charring of the cellulose, etc. My new success gave me the boldness, or stupidity, (after about 20 secs of sweeping) to thrust my bare hand into the absorbent – it’s still here – no burning. The guys on site picked it up and by examining and smelling (an industry trick?) were very confident adequate neutralisation had taken place. I just mention this because I know we’ve had discussion regarding the use of Acid Gator on more concentrated acids. I hope this information is helpful (as is the fact that Electro-Platters are a prime user of HCI and H²SO¹.

I became aquainted with your products through an old friend……………… at Component Sales Associates in Indiana. Although a bit skeptical at first, as most of us are with new products, my staff is extremely happy with your Acid Gator which pleased me enough to write and share it with you. One of our facilities utilizes an extremely hazardous material (sulfuric acid) in the manufacturing process. Storage and handling of this material in a 96% concentration is extremely dangerous. The material is very hazardous to neutralize if spilled, due to it’s violent reaction with everything it contacts. While reviewing our Hazwoper/SARA Title III emergency response plan with environmental clean up/remediation companies and our LEPC (Local Emergency Planning Commission) we conducted a laboratory test of your Acid Gator in sulfuric acid. The purpose was to witness the degree of violence to the reaction that must occur in the neutralization process. Our chemist was delighted to report that the reaction was almost passive or more accurately stated as Absent noticeable violence. The encapsulating characteristics of Acid Gator rapidly turned this solution into a gel or paste like substance. This facilitates the safe addition of dense soda ash further neutralizing the sulfuric acid changing the liquid into a safely manageable solid. Ten safety professionals witnessed this product in action. All were in total agreement: the hazard was minimized, time and cost invested in clean up are greatly reduced, immediate control of the hazard is accomplished and Acid Gator provides the community and the environment with better protection. I thank you and wish you continued success with this product. Acid Gator has provided USM a safer work place for our employees and a safer environment in the communities we call home.