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Acid Gator - Safer handling and Absorption of Acid Spills

Acid Gator will absorb, encapsulate, suppress vapors and begin neutralization of acids in one easy step.
Application of Acid Gator will begin neutralization without splattering, allowing the safe addition of a final neutralization agent to reach the desired pH.
One pound of Acid Gator will effectively absorb up to three quarters of a gallon of acid.

Directions for Use

Form a containment dike around the acid spill using Acid Gator. Once the acid has been contained, apply Acid Gator directly onto the acid spill. Acid Gator will begin neutralizing the acid while suppressing harmful vapors and the violent reaction usually associated with using a neutralization agent alone. Once the acid spill is safely contained, under a blanket of Acid Gator, a neutralization agent must be added until the desired pH is reached. Acid will be absorbed by Acid Gator when pH is 2 or above. As with any acid spill you should wear protective gloves and respirator while cleaning up the spilt acid. Always dispose of contaminated Acid Gator in accordance with Local, State and Federal regulations.

Acid Gator™ is a customized version of Oil Gator specifically designed to allow safer handling and begin neutralization of most acid spills quickly and efficiently. A combination of vapor suppression and absorption allows for safer handling and disposal of acids. Acid Gator™ is approximately 15% soda ash, by weight, combined with an effective cellulose base allows partial neutralization of acids without splattering. Once contained and neutralized, the mixture (acid + Acid Gator™) can be removed for disposal. The nature of the encapsulated acid is the decisive factor in determining disposal method. Acid Gator™ is not a neutralization agent but rather an absorbent that allows a safer way of handling casual and emergency acid spills. Calcined clays and Polypropylene are essentially acid resistant but only perform as a poor absorbent and are still considered hot to handle thus putting workers in danger in the clean-up and removal phases. Peat moss and normal cellulosic absorbents such as corn cob will actually be digested with strong acids and thus accentuate a handling problem. Anyone engaged in the transportation or utilization of strong acids such as Sulphuric, Hydrochloric, Nitric, Phosphoric, Hydrofluoric, etc. are never sure workers will be diligent in safe handling practices. Dilution of highly concentrated acids are just as harmful as water poured directly on acids, splatters violently and further spreads the problem of containment. Acid Gator™ is a combination of variable particle size cellulosic materials that are impregnated with 15% Soda Ash. It is safe to handle and, when applied to an acid, starts immediately neutralizing and absorbing the resultant weaker acid. In most states a pH level above 2 is safe to dispose in any dumpster. For most acids up to 50% concentration, the pH will be adequately neutralized to allow immediate disposal. To handle more concentrated acids, apply Acid Gator™ liberally over the acid to suppress the reaction and retard spreading. You will hear a “fizz” as the Soda Ash starts reacting with the acid. Then simply add more Soda Ash and dampen down with water until the desired pH level is reached. Normally when the “fizz” sound dies down simply add more Acid Gator™ stir until dry enough to pick up and dispose. Battery acids and muriatic acids are perfect examples of acids that can be safely handled with Acid Gator™ while affording maximum personal protection. Note: normal procedure to achieve a neutral pH subjects employees to undue exposure to caustic materials that are not necessary for safe disposal of acids. People who understand the handling of acids and potential problems with worker safety will understand immediately the nature of the product and procedure. Always dispose of saturated Acid Gator™ in compliance with the appropriate governmental regulations for the particular acids absorbed.


  • Comes in a 25 pound bag for ease of handling.
  • Suppresses vapors released by acids.
  • Begins absorbing and neutralizing without splattering.
  • Contributes 7,000 BTU’s with less than 5% ash during incineration.

More information

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  • Chemical Companies. Acid spills during manufacturing.
  • Fleet Maintenance Companies. Battery Acid spills.
  • High Tech. Industries. Acid spills during manufacturing.
  • Battery Manufacturer. Acid spills during manufacturing.

Environmentally Friendly

  • All Natural
  • Biodegradable
  • Non Toxic
  • Helps meet EPA 1996 mandate to reduce waste
  • Can be Incinerated