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Decontamination Products

We specialise in bioremediation.

Bioremediation is the treatment of contaminated soil, floor, water with natural products that are not harmful to the flora nor fauna.

We exclusively use the range of absorbents products from Gator International

The flagship product OIL GATOR allows for in-situ bioremediation. In-situ means the product is used and left in the field, there is no need to transport the contaminated soil for treatment out of its site and then transported back).

Both Floor Gator and Cell-U-Sorb once used for absorption of spillage can be either disposed of or mixed with Oil Gator in a field and they too will biodegrade.


For spillage on water and water filtration

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Acid Gator

For safer handling and absorption of acid spills

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Emergency spill bag (large)

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Oil Gator

Natures Way to Bioremediate Hydrocarbons

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Floor Gator

For spillage on hard floors; road asphalt, petrol stations, factories, abattoirs, etc

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Emergency spill bag (medium)

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